Thanks for checking out what’s happening in the “Worship Arts! Ministry”. There are several areas in which you can get involved; Choir, Hebraic Dance Team, A/V Support Team, and the Worship Teams. 


An application is required and available in the front lobby and there is an interview process that everyone applying must go through. There is also a required audition for the Worship Teams, Choir, and Dance Teams. Training is available for teams such as A/V Support. All teams have different requirements and details can be discussed with the leader of that particular ministry.

Those applying for the Worship Teams should have a basic knowledge of music theory (i.e. able to read and understand simple chord charts, progressions, key signatures and time signatures). It is not necessary to be able to read notation but it is helpful. A person must have attended CITC/BA for at least 3 months before they can consider becoming a part of the Worship Team. There may be exceptions to some of the requirements, depending on the skill level, spiritual maturity and special circumstance or background of the person applying.