Haiti Fundraiser


As you may know, Haiti is just beginning to recover from a massive humanitarian crisis with political unrest and violent protests that starting to settle down. Prices for food & gasoline have climbed rapidly in the last few weeks (Rice $18/bag and gasoline at $6/gallon in an economy where a good daily wage is $8) People are struggling to buy food & water. The population is suffering as a whole.

Due to this current circumstance, CITC-BA will not be able to conduct the Pastor's Conference in Haiti in April. 

We will continue raising funds to send to Pastor Guerry & Zamar Ministries to help support our sister congregations. As we stand with Haiti, please join us by sending your prayers and prayerfully consider donating. 

Thank you! 

Church in the City - Beth Abraham 

*Please watch these two videos for more information on what is going on in Haiti*